Virtually unbreakable DJ headphone with tear-free silicone ear pads, machined metal pivots and studio sound quality







Silicone Materials 

Both the ROGUE's head-pad and ear-pads are made of silicone. This material is extremely comfortable and cleans easy. Simply wipe down your headphones with water and you are good to go.






Carrying Bag

Water resistant neoprene bag included with purchase.





Durable Construction

The ROGUE was built to take a beating. Its polycarbonate headband and machined metal pivots provide extra strength and durability.





3 Button Microphone Control & DJ Cord

The ROGUE includes a  3 button microphone control for calls, tracks and volume. Also included is a 6 ' coiled DJ cable with a 3/4 '' adaptor. When using the DJ cord,  give the input a quarter turn when plugging the headphone in to lock in place.