Durable, water-resistant earbuds with a built in cord management system.








Spoon Them

The SPOONERS unconventional shape allows them to be nested back to back. Simply flip, and feel them pull together with their magnetic design.





Wrap Them

Once the SPOONERS are in position, simply wrap the cord around the body of the headphones then clip them in place with the cord clasp at the end of the cord. 

Say goodbye to that tangled mess in your pocket!



Spooners cord management

The BOOM Spooners were designed to put an end to that tangled mess and offer an efficient solution in storing you headphones.



Water Resistant

The SPOONERS are IPX4 Rated, meaning they can take direct spray from a hose for 5 minutes. Don't sweat it, the SPOONERS were built to last





3 Button Microphone Control

The SPOONERS have a 3 button microphone control , so you can take calls, change tracks and volume.